New Expo to be seen from
January 11th – February 26th 2020:
Travels by Maurizio Pibia

Maurizio Pibia (1985) presents a serie of paintings inspired by his travels around the Mediterranean Sea. He envisions a place where time slows down, in orde to manifest the re-encounter of silence and tranquility, which is represented in his latest artwork.

Our Store
We have carefully selected products that are durable, mostly organic and above all delicious, beautiful and rare to find. We have a variety of food products we sell (and also use in our café) such as: Tea, coffee, olive oil, sambal and pasta. In the other section of our store your will find soap, clothing, handbags, ceramics, jewellery, blankets and much more…

Our Day-Café
In our day-café we serve sandwiches, salads, pasta & soups. A lot of the products we use in the kitchen are either organic or fair-trade. You can also just drop by for a good cup of coffee or tea while reading the New Yorker, Die Ziet, Donald Duck, Time magazine, Charlie Hebdo & more. Check out our menu here.

Karin Somers wrote a nice article about us on Thuis in Maastricht