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May we tell you our own story?

Since 2020 the stories of products, food, art, and people meet at Zazou Bazar. Take a break in our day-café, take a closer look at our products or come visit one of our exhibitions. We strive for our products to be unique, from the best quality and an experience rather than just another item. Do you know the feeling after seeing a good performance or attending a wedding? That is exactly how we want to make our customers feel when walking out of our store in Maastricht or receiving their product at home: happy, shiny and glowing a little on the inside.


It is not a coincidence we named it Zazou Bazar. The authentic Persian bazar is basically a permanent market with a roof above it. That is what we want Zazou to be but only a bit more contemporary. Zazou Bazar is a place for different kind of entrepreneurs in three disciplines: shop, gallery and day-café. Just like a real bazar is Zazou Bazar made of and made for the unique treasures from entrepreneurs with a story. All located under one recognizable awning: the black-and-white Zazou Bazar awning.

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