About the series

This series is a collaboration with Ravi Zupa featuring cats drinking at the bar and the good, embarrassing, and confusing situations we have all found ourselves in. Inspired by vintage matchboxes and the personalities of cats.


About the artist

Arna Miller is from Colorado, USA, and has found a home here in Maastricht. Arna: “Ik probeer Nederlands te leren”. With a university degree in architecture and a passion for drawing, she learned how to screen print in 2010 and turned it into her career, printing her own designs and for clients. She started showing her art in 2013 and has since shown throughout the USA and has been sought out by the Chicago Design Museum, The New York Times, Chronicle Books, Bored Panda, Hi-Fructose, Colossal, and many more.


About the art

Arna Miller’s work is inspired by Vintage Americana and ephemera, turn
of the century posters and adverts, cigarette cards and matchbooks, combined with a unique surrealism. The colours and intricate detail suggest a nostalgia, with a narrative of long forgotten childhood books, both mystical and beguiling to the viewer, combined with a contemporary twist. Arna describes her guiding principles as an artist: “My aim is to create narrative illustrations that depict magical moments...I often use text to tell part of the story, but like to leave most of the narrative up to the viewer.”

- Written by Outre Gallery


€ 34,00Price
  • Medium: A3-color art print, printed in Den Haag by De Kijm Drukkerij with soy based ink on a risograph duplicator- a cross between screen printing and a copy machine.

    Size: A3 size (297 x 420 mm) unframed art print

    Price: €34 incl 21% VAT

    Signed and dated by Arna Miller 2021