• Red Rascal the proud of South Africa in it's highest quality (100g).
  • Grey Runaway our classic Earl Grey, assembled the way it should be. Premium Black Darjeeling with natural Bergamot oil and nothing else. Simply lovely (100g).
  • Green Rioter Green Darjeeling whole leafs - 1st and 2nd flush (100g).
  • Black Radical an intense strong tea without the bitter aftertaste.
  • This whole leaf Assam blend is very popular in the East Frisia part of Germany where they drink it with sugar and cream as an alternative for regular coffee. But it's also great without adding anything else! (100g).
  • Young Rebel the best South African Rooibos flavored with natural plum and cinnamon aroma. A treat, not only for children... (100g).
  • Chill The Fuck Out! green Jasmine tea flavored with black rose, orange peel, essential mandarin and bergamot oil. This is Zazou's bestseller in our day-café (100g).
  • Frisky Risky black rose tea, elderberry, cinnamon, ginger, cornflowers and rose blossom will get you in the mood (100g).
  • White Renegade Billuochun pearls from China - hand rolled whole leafs. Our most expensive and exclusive luxury tea. If you like white tea, this one will blow your mind (100g).


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