OLIVIA BERTUS Bag Emilia. With two pockets inside the bag.

The Emilia bag is made of waterproof and firm tarpaulin and has a contrasting zipper.

The lining fabric, with a geometric pattern from the MAASTRICHT series, is based on a pen drawing. This is printed in the Netherlands on cotton, with environmentally friendly printing techniques and water-based inks. The shoulder strap is made of supple wide leather.

Material: tarpaulin, cotton, leather

size: heighth 18cm x width 20/27 cm x depth 8 cm


Olivia Bertus, bag designer based in her birth- and hometown Maastricht, mainly works with tarpaulin, a plastic that is waterproof, tough and durable in use because it lasts a long time. The colors are very expressive and remain beautiful, even in sunlight. You don´t have to worry about whether your stuff will stay dry in the rain which is a must when you live in the Netherlands. Olivia combines the bags with her own designed fabrics. As lining fabric. It is the hidden beauty in the bag that is only visible when you open the bag. A present for yourself. These bags all have a Maastricht touch with some of the most iconic buildings from the city as a theme.


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